Advantages of Fiber


High Speed Internet

- Features of Copper -

Service Data Caps Apply

Same Upload and Download Speeds

Entertainment Services Limited 
By Provider Agreements

Installation Requires Surface Boxes

Phones Lines Can Be Compromised

Susceptible to Corrosion

Copper Has Bandwidth Limitiations

Vulnerable to Lightning

Light Speed Internet

- Features of Fiber -

Guaranteed Unlimited Data

Same Upload and Download Speeds

Unlimited Entertainment 
Services Available

Installation Can Be 
Entirely Underground

Full Security


No Limit to Ultimate 
Capacity of Fiber

multi-colored play symbol icon Advantages of
Island Fiber

22% Discount for Veterans and 
Active Duty Personnel

10% Discount for Households with School-Aged Children K-12

10% Discount for Enrolled 
College Students

10% Discount for Teachers

10% Discount for Police, Fire Department and First Responders

10% Discount for Seniors 
62 Years of Age and Older

Combat Veteran 
Owned and Operated

Locally Owned and Operated

Discounts can only be applied to recurring monthly packages.